Green Smoothies


Before starting this blog, I had shared a few of my favorite recipes over on my original blog,

I’ve decided to share a photo and link to the recipe here as well.

Green Smoothies.

I love them and drink them quite often. I’ve got quite a few recipes for these over on the other blog but will most definitely be sharing more here in the future.

Green Smoothie the easy way

You can read more, see photos, full directions (tips on packing and freezing ahead) and printable recipe here –> “Get Your Green Smoothie On (Recipes and a Tip)“.




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  1. Love your new blog and I’m looking forward to learning lot of new recipes! I love my morning shake and need to jazz it up. Thanks for sharing how you make yours:) Best wishes for lots and lots of success!

    1. Hi Wendy!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s a little intimidating (and humbling!) to have something brand new again, to be honest! ;) It’s a good lesson though, to never forget where and how we all started!
      Thanks again sweet friend!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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