Butterfinger Trifle (aka Dreamy Dessert)

Hey y’all!!

Today I’m sharing my Butterfinger Trifle recipe AKA —>>> Dreamy Dessert because that’s what it should really be called!

Butterfinger Trifle Recipe - BEST dessert ever!! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Not kidding one little bit.

It’s that good, really. Doesn’t it look dreamy?

I don’t make it often (it’s been at least 6-7 years!) because I seriously will eat it all day long, every day, until it’s gone.
And that’s bad, very bad. ;)

Butterfinger Trifle - This is SO good! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Look at all those luscious layers.

This is a long time family recipe.
My mother in law first made it and I revamped it and continued the “tradition” with a few changes of my own.

Here’s what I put in mine….

Butterfinger Trifle Recipe- Ingredients Needed  #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Please disregard the “cook and serve” pudding. It’s INSTANT you need to get.
I do this every . single . time I buy pudding for these trifles!
I always mean to buy instant….and I always buy ‘cook and serve’.
I don’t know why. Old age. ;)

Anyway….instant, ok? I snapped the photo then realized my mistake.
I had to run out and buy the correct ones but didn’t take a new photo.

Now, this is super simple. (which just makes it all the better in my book!)

Mix up your puddings in two separate bowls per the directions on the box. (actually, you could probably add about 1/4 cup extra of the milk)
I’m going to try making this with Almond Milk next time. I don’t drink milk (it doesn’t agree with me anymore–plus I do try to stay away from most dairy these days) so eating this was … iffy.
But I did anyway.  ;)
I made this one for Mother’s Day so thankfully I wasn’t left to eat it all myself.

Butterfinger Trifle - Simple dessert! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Whip the whipped topping so it’s a bit creamy. Then add about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of the vanilla pudding to it.

So now you have your three layer ingredients.

Next chop your pound cake into 1 inch squares.

Butterfinger Trifle - cut the pound cake - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

You can make a home made pound cake if you like. I bought a store bought one….it’s just easier.

Then start layering the ingredients….

Butterfinger Trifle - So delicious!  #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

I usually put a layer of cake on the bottom with a few sprinkles of crushed Butterfinger bars.
– then a layer of chocolate pudding
– then a layer of cake, followed by the crushed Butterfingers
– then a layer of whipped topping
– then a layer of cake, followed by the crushed Butterfingers
– then a layer of vanilla pudding

Butterfinger Trifle - My favorite dessert! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Keep doing that until you get to the top.
Finish the top with the remaining white whipped topping.

Then do this…..

Butterfinger Trifle - Always a HIT! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Sprinkle a bunch of that goodness on top.

OH….and to note, Butterfingers are not candy bars I eat and never have. (well, I don’t even eat candy bars anymore but growing up as a kid, I didn’t really love them)
BUT in this recipe…oh my goodness. They are perfection.
You’ll see.
Or at least I hope you will!

Butterfinger Trifle - You will WANT to make this!! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

You have to try this.
Make it for a function though…just a warning. ;) (lest you eat the whole bowl by yourself)
The long holiday weekend may be a good time.
Have a cookout to got to? Make and bring this.

They even make cute single serve…like I did in this wine glass.

Butterfinger Trifle - Single Serve! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Butterfinger Trifle Recipe- Make single serving glasses! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

YUM, you want to take a bite, I know you do. ;)

Butterfinger Trifle Recipe - Delicious and EASY! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Oh..and it’s best if refrigerated for a day or so before you serve.

Love it? PIN it to save it!

Butterfinger Trifle Recipe - Delicious and EASY! - #butterfingerdessert #trifle #butterfingertrifle foodiechicksrule.com

Here’s the recipe:

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Butterfinger Trifle (aka Dreamy Dessert)

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Units Scale
  • 1 large pound cake
  • 1 16 oz whipped topping
  • 1 5 oz box of INSTANT vanilla pudding
  • 1 5 oz box of INSTANT chocolate pudding
  • Milk
  • 4 Butterfingers Bars (or more, it you like)


  1. Mix both puddings (in separate bowls) per the package directions (adding approx 1/4 cup extra milk for fluidity) Set aside.
  2. Whip the whipped topping with a wire whisk in another bowl to get it creamy. Mix about 1/4 cup of the vanilla pudding into the whipped topping.
  3. Chop the pound into 1 inch pieces.
  4. Crush the Butterfingers bars.
  5. Place one layer of pound cake in the bottom of the bowl, sprinkle with crushed Butterfingers.
  6. Spoon one layer of chocolate pudding over that.
  7. Add a layer of pound cake over the chocolate pudding, topping with crushed Butterfingers.
  8. Spoon a layer of whipped topping over that.
  9. Add another layer of pound cake, topped with crushed Butterfingers.
  10. Spoon a layer of vanilla pudding over that.
  11. Keep doing this until you almost reach the top (depending on your size bowl, you may have leftovers …enjoy ;) )
  12. Finish up the top with the whipped topping.
  13. Sprinkle crushed Butterfingers as a garnish.
  14. It’s best after it’s been refrigerated for a day (or at least a few hours) so the flavors mix and the cake absorbs some of the pudding, etc.
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes

I know I added a lot of photos of this recipe in this post….but it’s worthy, I promise. ;)

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  1. oh my word woman “let go of my butterfinger” this sounds awesomely good for my mouth not too good for my hips but what the heck ha ha xx

    1. Haha!!! I totally forgot that slogan! Too funny! and yes, you are so very right, this is so good for your mouth and I’m sure, so bad for you hips! But it’s not like we eat it every day, right??! ;)
      Happy Weekend to you!

  2. Nancy, this sounds so delicious! I will definitely make it sometime soon… maybe for Father’s Day. I try to stay away from sweets most of the time…. usually just a bite or two is all I need to satisfy what little sweet tooth I have (my struggle is hot, crispy delicious french fries!! :) ). But this one may be a little more difficult.

    Thanks for the recipe! I think both my husband and my father will love it! xo

  3. Great recipe! I love trifles – have made them for many years, too, in all kinds of variations. I’ve never tried one with butterfingers, though, so this is awesome! Thanks so much for the great idea! I can’t wait to try it!

    I know you said in your notes that milk doesn’t agree, so I understand why you went with Cool Whip instead of whipped cream, but let me suggest for those who are dairy tolerant that it makes a HUGE difference to make homemade whipped cream, instead. No chemical taste, just the real creamy goodness. It’s very easy to make whipped cream, too – and only takes about five minutes. I highly, highly recommend that substitution for those who can tolerate it! :)

  4. OH MY! This is so delish.
    Took your advice & made for a large family gathering……unfortunately there was way too much competition on the dessert table and brought home over half of the dish.
    The good news is it was “mostly” delivered to friends yesterday……the not so good news is I just had a small bowl with my morning coffee…….but it was sooooo good!
    Thank you so much for sharing! You are my first blogger to follow and this so happened to be the first recipe received in an email……had to try it!
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Debra,
      Oh yay, I’m so glad you liked it!! It is addicting! ;) And yes, leftovers are dangerous…and not safe from me, for sure!! xo

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